A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A classic, turn-based strategy game with up to four armies fighting against each other. Challenge yourself in a campaign against AI, or a hot-seat battle with a friend. Using the easy map editor you can create any imaginable scenario to play!

ToF II follows in the footsteps of the original Tanks of Freedom and brings even more fun and depth. Take command of new types of units, use their powerful abilities, and turn tides of battles with many unique heroes. Experience new stories in four dedicated campaigns, or play skirmishes on a new set of maps!

This game is an open-source hobby project. All assets and code can be found on the Github page.


Recruit your troops and take command of an army. Manage resource distribution and complete various objectives using different types of units nad heroes. Levarage your advantages, claim buildings and defeat your opponents!

Tanks of Freedom II will present you with wide variety of missions across it's four main campaigns. You can also team up, or fight agains, your friends in hot-seat battles, as well as over local network, or over internet.

If that is not enough, the built-in map editor allows players to create their own scenarios. Share your masterpieces with the world!


Follow the adventures of Prince Tybalt and other heroes, as an enemy nation invades his kingdom. As he faces off against an ambitious foe, he meets both new and old friends, and uncovers a much deeper ploy.


Sapphire Dawn - A democratic, capitalist nation that values business, ambition and freedom.

Ruby Dusk - An industrial nation, that values hard work and ingeniuity.

Jade Twilight - A peacful and prosperous nation, consisting of a federation of smaller cultures. Values science and diplomacy.

Amber Noon - A feudal nation, that values honor and courage. Led by a royal family


Infantry - backbone of any army, needed to capture structures.

Tanks - can outright destroy any unarmoured target. Very powerful!

Attack Helicopters - fast and powerful, with troop transport ability.

Mobile Infantry - universal support that keeps your army alive.

Scout Helicopters - trades firepower for unmatched speed and range.

Rocket Artillery - devastating at range. Just don't let enemy get close!


Battle it out in a selection of different biomes: green fields, lush forests, tropical islands, hot deserts and snow-covered mountains!

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withMagicaVoxel, Godot, Aseprite, Sublime Text
Tags3D, godot-engine, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy, Voxel
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
InputsMouse, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4
LinksBlog, Community, Source code


ToF II 0.4.0-alpha Linux (old, compatibility) 102 MB
ToF II 0.4.0-alpha Windows (old, compatibility) 101 MB
ToF II 0.6.1-alpha Linux 74 MB
ToF II 0.6.1-alpha Windows 77 MB

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I'm enjoying the game. I think I played the first one too while I was stuck with only a laptop for a while. I look forward to seeing how the development goes.

I checked the patch notes for 0.6.0 and it sounds like you took a stab at the units and their models getting misaligned. It seems that the problem persists. I have been saving and reloading the matches to fix it. For me, it seems that the misalignments happen when moving a unit as far as they can go in one turn.

Edit: Another bug - Units that are stored in a helicopter can switch teams if they are in the style of the enemy and the game is saved, then reloaded. They are in an in-between state when first dropped, their icons in the bottom left corner are the enemy team color, but they cannot be attacked. Upon the enemy's turn beginning, they then begin to attack (likely the helicopter that just dropped them off). 

I had to quit a mission because of that. I frequently save and reload so that I can see where units actually are, but after my only veteran helicopter was destroyed by the unit it just dropped off... I needed a break. Best of luck finding the bug!

Thanks for the feedback, it’s greatly appreciated! And sorry for the issues experienced.

Unit misalignment being connected to max movement is at least a lead. Did it happen to you on any unit other than a helicopter? Did it happen to your unit, or AI? Or both?

As for the other bug, I have not noticed that before. It would be nice to get exact steps to reproduce, although I’ll try fixing with what I already have.

(1 edit)

Had a bit of time for these fixes. The heli drop side bug was very easy. The mis-alignment not so much (as expected). I think it happened for me once, but I’m not sure, as the next AI move destroyed the unit. I have a hunch it is somehow connected to the available processing power. Are you using some lower-end PC by any chance? I develop it on i9-9900k coupled with RTX 3080, so I have more than enough. I think I should do some tests on Steam Deck, maybe this will reveal something.

I haven't been around to help test with the misalignment bug. Awesome work on the helicopter one though!

To answer your question. I'm not on a low end system. I have a Ryzen 7 5800X and an RTX 3070Ti.

If I get any more insights next time I play, I'll be sure to let you know.

Thanks! In the meantime I have prepared a map full of helis, which I used on SD and managed to sometimes reproduce the issue as a player. With AI I can reproduce it more easily. I will try using the same method on my desktop and see if it happens there.

I have some crude fix for misalignment of AI units, but player ones need more work.

I have finally found the source of the issue - a feature of the Godot Engine worked unreliably. I have released a fix version 0.6.1.

That's awesome to hear! I also use Godot, it can be a bit finicky sometimes, can't it.

I was a fan of ToF1, used to play it in High school on my phone with my bestfriend, is another android version possible?  I'll check the linux version as soon as I come home I'm so glad that I remembered this game and that there's a sequel

While technically it is possible, it’s not practical. 3D performance in Godot is still poor, so it’s just easier to not create official Android version than to deal with people complaining that it does not work on anything other than most powerful flagship phones. Also game controls are optimised for gamepad and mouse, touchscreen is not really supported.

I know it might not be a priority, but would an online multiplayer be an option? Even if we'd need to redirect ports and give IP to the friend we're going to play with.


This is already in the game :)


it says i can't launch the game because of my video card :(

Sorry to hear that! The best I can advise is to try the 0.4.0 version. What kind of GPU is it?


can't run it bcoz the launcher says i have a bad video card 0/10

Sorry to hear that. What kind of video card do you have?

no clue, but i'm sure it shouldn't be a problem to run the game anyway, most games lag for me anyway

This game is in 3D and using Vulkan renderer, so it requires a GPU that is quite modern (although does not have to be too powerful)


Oh well, I see that but I don’t think I should be restricted from playing the game just because my GPU is old (it is quite old)

This restriction has not been made by me - it comes from Godot Engine this game is built upon. I could try exporting the game in compatibility mode, maybe that would work.


upgrade your graphics card


nice game! keep up the good work!


Thank you very much!